Filmsound Application

Meine Bachelorarbeit für die Firma Schoeps bestand aus 5 Tests in verschiedenen Szenarien, um unterschiedliche Mikrophone im Filmtonbereich und ihre Performance zu untersuchen.

Funktioniert nur in INTERNET EXPLORER 11 und höher!!!

Benutze die Dropdown-List um zwischen den Mikrofonen zu wechseln. Durch Setzen des Hakens in der Info-Box erscheinen interessante Fakten und Informationen zu der Mikrofonauswahl.

Test 1: Inside



The video was shot on a rather quiet interior location with a medium size. It is neither a reverberant nor super dry room and represents an average type of interior that production sound mixers run into on a daily basis. There was a carpeted floor to reduce impact sound and dialogue disruptive footsteps. The Schoeps CCM 2, CCM 21, CCM 4, CCM 41, CMIT 5 U, and SuperCMIT 2 U were set in an overhead booming position right above frame line. A second CMIT 5 U was applied from underneath at about 50cm from the floor. A Schoeps BLM 03 C was used on the table covered by a light sheet of paper.

There are wide shots, medium shots and close-ups to show the different sound of each microphone considering polar pattern, frequency response, and placement in different angles and distances. Male and female voice provide for a balanced representation of frequencies; dialogue of intentional quiet, normal and raised speech level gives a helpful feel of how the microphones pick up the sound at different volume levels.

Download der kompletten Bachelorarbeit hier.